Boinks and Boinks Buddies children's toys are fun for children - and cats - of all ages!

Kids love to play with Boinks!

Boinks are colorful, springy and fun! Hours of fun for your kids or even your feline friends.

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A rainbow of great colors

Boinks come in a wide array of colors. Decorate your hair or wear them on your fingers.

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Boinks Buddies foam toys

Give your Boinks character and attitude by accessorizing with Boinks Buddies foam toys.

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Custom Toys for Your Event

Boinks Buddies can be customized to display your logo, event name, or just about anything else.

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New – Boinks Fidgets

Boinks Fidgets Boinks Fidgets may reduce stress and can help with anxiety disorder, ADHD, OCD, dementia, and Autism.

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How kids play with Boinks

Boy with a handful of BOINKS toys

Rocket ‘em, roll ‘em, decorate your pen or pencil, decorate your shoe laces, make jewelry. There are hundreds of ways to play with Boinks.

Boinks can help kids with ADD, Autism and sensory challenges calm their fidgety fingers

The Original Children's Toy

Occupational Therapists and parents of children with ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Sensory Processing Disorder should take note: BOINKS are a great sensory therapy toy. Due to their texture and spring like action, they may help to develop fine motor skills all while your kids are having a good time playing. Learn more about how therapists are using BOINKS today.

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Want to distribute or sell Boinks in your store?

Sell BOINKS! in your store

Wholesalers, Retailers and Distributors interested in selling Boinks can contact us online or by phone to find out how we can work together.  Our products can also be customized for your next promotion, party, corporate event, or family party.

Cats go crazy for Kitty Boinks!

Cats love to play with KittyBOINKS! toys

Turn your bored cat into a happy kitten again with Kitty Boinks cat toys. When compressed, Kitty Boinks can zoom up to 30 feet, providing your cats with hours of exercise, excitement, and entertainment for their owners. If you catch your cat on video playing with Kitty Boinks, we’d love to hear about it, and maybe even add it to our collection, so everyone can watch video of happy cats playing with Boinks.

Endless Possibilities—the U.S.-based family owned toy company behind Boinks toys

The inventors of BOINKS!

Boinks products are the creation of Endless Possibilities, a family owned and operated toy company based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  Endless Possibilities started in the toy business in 1987 and proudly manufacture our products in the USA.  Read more about who we are and why we’re crazy about Boinks